Acellus Classroom Learning Stations

with Germicidal UV

The Electronic Classroom is designed to minimize vulnerability to the spread of infections while accelerating learning.

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Acellus Classroom Learning Stations

Acellus Electronic Classrooms

Acellus Electronic Classroom

Seating designed to promote social distancing and to encourage students to stay focused on their coursework.

Built-in Germicidal Module

Germicidal Indicator
Germicidal Module

Acellus Learning Stations come ready to go and equipped with everything needed to get started. This includes the whiteboard tabletop, dry erase markers, stools, and a locked-down touchscreen computer.

Acellus Classroom Learning Stations are available for elementary, middle and high school. Customize your classrooms with math, language arts, science, social studies and STEM stations.

Student working at a learning station, smiling at camera
Acellus Germicidal Classroom Learning Satation
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