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Empowering Creative Students to Excel

High achieving learners often need specialized instruction to realize their full potential. Providing a varied educational experience that meets these students needs is an ongoing challenge that is difficult to address in the traditional classroom. Acellus helps teachers with this task both by differentiating the course material as the student progresses, and also providing multiple modes of instruction for students with varying academic skills.

Acellus covers courses in every core area in every grade level. Schools have an incredible array of options to choose from to fit the needs of their advanced students. Specialty courses, such as foreign languages, career and technical education, and honors classes allow students to get training in specific areas of interest.

Content Specifically Designed for Gifted Students

A special accelerated mode of Acellus has been developed specifically for gifted students. The accelerated mode is taught on a more advanced level, and often includes more advanced terminology than the traditional course. The course assessments and exams are also more complex, providing a rigorous course option to keep these gifted learners challenged and engaged in the material.

Teachers can choose, based on the needs of each student, which mode the student is enrolled in. Through the Acellus Success Zone reports, Acellus will also suggest to teachers when it is recommended that students be moved into the accelerated mode for the class they are enrolled in.

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Acellus STEM-10 Initiative

A Perfect Fit for the Gifted Learner

Gifted students often have a natural aptitude for courses centered around science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). The Acellus STEM-10 Initiative is a 10 year program in coding, and is a perfect fit for gifted students that have a special interest in coding, and computer science. STEM-10 starts with students in the 3rd Grade, adding complexity each year until a student graduates from high school as a certified programmer ready to enter the workplace.

STEM-10 is an initiative envisioned by Acellus Founder and Chairman, Dr. Roger Billings. Rather than the usual games or dancing robots associated with STEM, this course is a serious educational endeavor. All 10 years of the courseware are specifically targeted at empowering students to get jobs in technology and to make significant contributions in the real world.

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Gain College Credit in High School

Students that are on an honors and college-bound track have ready access to the library of Acellus courses that are designed to be rigorous and advanced, including College Board approved AP courses. AP course pathways have been developed in each core area (mathematics, language arts, science and social studies). Honors classes and pre-requisite classes are available to help students to prepare to take the AP course for college credit. Emphasis on strategies for taking the AP Exam are incorporated into each course, so students are better prepared, and more likely, to earn a passing score to be eligible for college credit for the course.

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