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Adaptive Online Credit Recovery Courses

When students start falling behind in their coursework, or fail classes needed to graduate, it is imperative that they receive timely intervention, and are empowered to complete the courses required for graduation. Acellus provides schools with an expansive selection of courses that can be done on a flexible schedule, and are self-paced to meet the needs of each learner. Acellus helps bridge the gap between where students are at academically, and where they need to be in order to complete grade level material.

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“Since we've been using Acellus, our graduation rate has climbed from under 75% to 90.1%.”

— Otis Brown, Plainfield, NJ

The Secret Sauce – Why Acellus is so Effective for Credit Recovery

Built into Acellus are proprietary technologies that make it very effective in credit recovery programs. When student responses show that they have not yet mastered the material, Prism Diagnostics® is immediately triggered for those specific lessons.

Prism Diagnostics calls up instruction specific to the wrong answer the student entered, filling in knowledge gaps exactly when they manifest. When a student receives custom instruction right when they are needing it, the gaps in their knowledge are filled and they are able to progress forward in the course.

Vectored Instruction

In credit recovery programs students often have gaps that pre-date the course they are needing to complete. High school courses in the areas of math and science require pre-requisites that are crucial to success. This is where Vectored Instruction technology is a game-changer. With Vectored Instruction, students receive foundation building instruction within the credit level class. This technology allows students to build their knowledge-base of material that is mandatory to their understanding higher level concepts, and empowers students to complete their classes with a passing grade.

Vectored Instruction
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Acellus credit recovery courses have received A-G Approval through the University of California. Acellus courses have also been approved by the NCAA Clearinghouse. Schools using Acellus in a blended learning model will need to submit their non-traditional courseware application to NCAA.

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