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Breaking Down the Language Barrier

Acellus Discover English

The Acellus “Discover English” course is a revolutionary answer to a problem facing many educators today. The number of ESL students in schools across the nation has grown exponentially over the last few years. “The percentage of public school students in the United States who were ELLs was higher in school year 2014–15 (9.4 percent, or an estimated 4.6 million students) than in 2004–05 (9.1 percent, or an estimated 4.3 million students) and 2013–14 (9.3 percent, or an estimated 4.5 million students.” (National Center for Education Statistics, US Department of Education). With the increased population of ESL/ELL students, the demand has grown exponentially for courses to teach these students the English language, and the communication skills needed to thrive in school and the workforce. Schools are faced with the challenge of educating students that do not speak English, but speak a wide variety of languages.

Discover English was developed for students in ESL Programs, and is ideal for students from any ethnic background learning the English language. This course utilizes the Universal Interaction Technique developed by Dr. Roger Billings, so that the same course can simultaneously support students of various native tongues. This course is the first in a series of three courses.

Discover English incorporates the syntax, vocabulary and pronunciation needed to comprehend English in an everyday environment. This course is ideal for students learning English for the first time, or for an ESL student needing extra practice and help. Discover English can be used in a stand-alone environment or to supplement teacher instruction in the classroom in a blended learning environment. Teachers using Discover English report rapid gains in understanding and a reduction of the “silent period” most ESL students go through.

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How It Works

Using video-based instruction, Acellus lessons are taught using the UNIVERSAL INTERACTION TECHNIQUE and the Discovery method – engaging students with quick vocabulary lessons followed by real-life conversations that build step-by-step to incorporate the most common words and phrases. The vocabulary and phrasing becomes more complex as the student progresses, but never reaches the overwhelming point. Students are not required to translate the language, rather they learn by associating words and phrases to meaning in the new language like a native speaker.

Frequent drills hone the student's comprehension of the new language using written text, spoken words, and graphics to increase learning and retention.

Assessments are placed at regular intervals throughout the course to keep track of progress and make sure that students master material before moving on.

Using Prism Diagnostics®, Acellus is able to customize the course to the individual pace and level of each student. As the student progresses through the course, every response is recorded and monitored, and through this technology, personalized help videos are delivered right when the student needs assistance in a concept.

Leveraging Teachers

The Acellus Teacher portal allows teachers unlimited access to detailed information on how students are progressing through the Acellus course material.

The Live Class Monitor allows teachers to view student's activity real-time, notifying them when a student struggles in any concept, or is inactive for an extended period of time.

The Acellus Gradebook keeps track of every action done through the system – grades and responses on every assignment and exam are recorded, as well as the length of time spent on every video and lesson.

Attendance and “time spent on task” are automatically recorded – teachers and administrators are able to pull reports on a particular student, for the class, or for the entire school if needed.

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